by Elyza

Released 2017
Gaspnlee Productions LLC
Released 2017
Gaspnlee Productions LLC
Rhythmic R & B with a mellow Jazz and Sometimes Island undertone.
  • 04:39 Story Lyrics Heartbreaker

    One day I met this guy, he was really handsome, My Oh My! and let me tell you sisters he was the apple of my eye, but he's a cruel heartbreaker a false, false promise maker so before he can deceive you let me tell you where he'll take you.He'll whisper in your ears and he'll tell you that he cares: and before you know it he'll be calming all your fears.  So, don't you be deceived 'cause girl he will just up and leave, yes he's a cold heartbreaker and that you can believe.  Oh, he may give you a ring, but that doesn't mean a thing, because until he truly weds you, he's just having himself a fling. 'Cause he's a cruel heartbreker a two, two timing faker, oh girl just let me tell you because I know just where he take you.  He'll tell you you're his girl and then he'll promise you the world and what.......

  • 05:04 Story Lyrics Praying for a Sign

    Was it the beating of your heart, how you exhaled your air?  I awoke with such a start and I saw you staning there.  You were in the middle of the room, a room sad and filled with gloom.  But in the blinking of an eye, suddenly I realized.  That is really wasn't you. Oh, my!  What am I gonna do?  Will I ever stop-missing you? I keep praying, for a sign.  Somthing that will bring me peace of mind. I don't wonna, cry no more, still the tears, freely flow.......

  • 04:49 Story Lyrics Whyd You Do Me That Way
    Oh, why'd you do me that way?
    How could you do me that way? 
    Tell me, why'd you do me that way?
    Oh, how could you do me that way?
    Why'd you do me that way?
    If I dreamt the dream of dreamers, would you awaken me?  The sound of your voice jolting me; arousing me from sleep? When I was choking on sadness, your love resuscitated me, now you've taken back your air and I can hardly breathe. Don't make me walk on water if you refuse to swim because my love will be forever.  It's not just some silly whim.  Don't teach me how to......
  • 06:27 Story Lyrics Lovers Tango the Storm

    As I sit here, looking out the window -and I listen, oh to how the rain flows; I'm reminded of a night like this one.  It was a stormy night, not so long ago. The night fell as daylight drew her curtain.  I was in your arms and I knew for certain.  That I loved you and you loved me too, for we tangoed-a sultry dance.  Oh, the rain poured and the lightning flashed forth, the thunder roared clapping in applause; as we danced, our lovers dance. The tango, a sultry dance.  

  • 05:57 Story Lyrics Rainbow

    You, gently stretched to me your hand.  Lifted me up, snatched me out of quicksand.  So again, I thank you and I just want you to know, that you will always be my rainbow.  Yes, you will always be my rainbow.  The most precious colors that make my heart glow.  Yes, you will always be my rainbow and the truest of friends, oh yes, that I know.  And, then, when my heart refused to smile, you made it laugh, touched us with your charm and beguile. 

  • 04:24 Story Lyrics Puttin' My Best Foot Forward
    I woke up this morning, no longer sad, glad that my life's off that old beaten path.  Happy for this day and hope for many more. Oh, this is a day that I've been prayin for. Hmmmm.  A new day has dawned for me it's finally here.  There was a coldness in my heart and it's no longer there. So I'm puttin my best foot forward and I'm movin on.  (Best foot forward and I'm movin on)Yes I'm puttin my best foot forward and I'm moving along. (Best foot forward and I'm moving on) Said I'm gonna put my best Best foot forward and I'm moving on. 
    I woke up this morning with a new attitude and oh my goodness I feel so infused with a new happiness, such a bliss a wonderful feeling a thrill that I missed, my car's all packed and I got my key I'm headed for the door so don't you worry about me, I won't look back 'cause now I'm free yes this a day that has been given to me.


  • 04:57 Story Lyrics What the Heah

    I'm glad the work weeks through!(You know we got that meetin')

    Forward all my calls to my voice mail too. (Already done!)
    The weekend's here, tell you what I'm gonna do!! (Ooohh, what Girl?)
    Shop for some styles. (OK) Amari shoes (UM!) a  Domenique Dress-
    I think in something blue. (You in a good mode!)
    Yes, I'm feeling good, But I'm thinking of you when I didn't think I would!
    Oh, why are you messing with my mind?  
    Why do I think about you all the time?
    Back home alone (time to chill!), unplugged the phone. 
    Watching TV (Netflix here I come!!) No one just me.
    I thought I heard the bell, (who could that be?) I walk the floor.
    Open the door-What the Heah! There's no one there!
    Oh, why are you messing with my mind?
    Why do I think about you all the time?
    I go and sit back down, back to my TV.
    Grab the remote and I turn to channel 3.
    Nothing interest me so I turn to channel 4.
    Then back to 3 and I see your face, Oh, no!! (What the snap?)
    It's starring straight at me.  How can this be?
    This is so crazy! What else can it be?
    I don't imbibe-well, not usually. (I need a drink)
    But I yell What theHeah?  and I pour some Hennessy.
  • 04:51 Story Lyrics This Fire

    I've got this fire, this fire, deep down inside for you.

    This burning fire, inside me, that's raging through and through.

    When I see you, get near you old feeling begin to brew.

    This fire, burning desire, blazes out of control for you.

    Oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you!

    Oh it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, hot, hot ohhhhh!

    I try to shake it, but I can't fake it, this fires hot, hot, hot!

    Phoned the doctor told him my symptoms, he said I have the remedy.

    Just drink cold water that's my prescription, call back in two days or three.

    I drunk the water, it did not quinch it, in fact the water became hot too!

    Now flames are rising, even higher; desires again anew.

  • 07:40 Story Lyrics Where Did We Go Wrong

    The first time my eyes, beheld your handsome face.  I just had to meet you.  I was happy to be in that place.

    And then when you held me.  You held me oh so tight.  Then I knew I was in love, and it just had to be right.

    I thought our love was deep, like Romeo and Juliette.  But now you're gone away.  My dear one how could you forget?

    Our first kiss don't you remember?  Both our hearts skipped three beats.  Your mind flew to the stars and I was lifted off my feet.

    So where did we go wrong?  Tell me!  My heart it has to know.  This heart it won't stop crying, for it misses you so. 


The Synopsis of a Rainbow: An anthology about my life… perhaps of yours too. Environments that affected my mood. Thoughts and emotions which became pages. Pages which became chapters. Chapters which are told in a song. My songs and my stories… some of them anyway, I share with you. Happy times, funny times, sad emotional times, and decision making times. Different emotions which I have experienced and to some degree continue to experience. Still, one …
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