Just when you thought you found Mr. or Mrs. Right and guess what?


One day I met this guy, he was really handsome, My Oh My! and let me tell you sisters he was the apple of my eye, but he's a cruel heartbreaker a false, false promise maker so before he can deceive you let me tell you where he'll take you.He'll whisper in your ears and he'll tell you that he cares: and before you know it he'll be calming all your fears.  So, don't you be deceived 'cause girl he will just up and leave, yes he's a cold heartbreaker and that you can believe.  Oh, he may give you a ring, but that doesn't mean a thing, because until he truly weds you, he's just having himself a fling. 'Cause he's a cruel heartbreker a two, two timing faker, oh girl just let me tell you because I know just where he take you.  He'll tell you you're his girl and then he'll promise you the world and what.......

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