Puttin' My Best Foot Forward



When that day arrives after so long and you realize that you have got to move on.  Do things differently. Change your view of where you are headed in life.  Dedicated to my little niece: K'Shani...her favorite of my songs. My new THEME song.


I woke up this morning, no longer sad, glad that my life's off that old beaten path.  Happy for this day and hope for many more. Oh, this is a day that I've been prayin for. Hmmmm.  A new day has dawned for me it's finally here.  There was a coldness in my heart and it's no longer there. So I'm puttin my best foot forward and I'm movin on.  (Best foot forward and I'm movin on)Yes I'm puttin my best foot forward and I'm moving along. (Best foot forward and I'm moving on) Said I'm gonna put my best Best foot forward and I'm moving on. 
I woke up this morning with a new attitude and oh my goodness I feel so infused with a new happiness, such a bliss a wonderful feeling a thrill that I missed, my car's all packed and I got my key I'm headed for the door so don't you worry about me, I won't look back 'cause now I'm free yes this a day that has been given to me.


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