This Fire



Seeing that person who makes the palms of your hands sweaty and your breath catch and your knees weak? You have to touch your forehead because you realize you're sweating. Oh, Oh!!! The fire is starting!! Didn't know that seeing someone could have that affect over you? Surprise!


I've got this fire, this fire, deep down inside for you.

This burning fire, inside me, that's raging through and through.

When I see you, get near you old feeling begin to brew.

This fire, burning desire, blazes out of control for you.

Oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you, oh this fire for you!

Oh it's hot, it's hot, it's hot, hot, hot ohhhhh!

I try to shake it, but I can't fake it, this fires hot, hot, hot!

Phoned the doctor told him my symptoms, he said I have the remedy.

Just drink cold water that's my prescription, call back in two days or three.

I drunk the water, it did not quinch it, in fact the water became hot too!

Now flames are rising, even higher; desires again anew.

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