What the Heah



Have you ever been excited that your work week was at a close and you had all sorts of exciting things lined up to do, only to be foiled because you mind kept taking you where you didn't want it to go and all you could say was What the Heah!


I'm glad the work weeks through!(You know we got that meetin')

Forward all my calls to my voice mail too. (Already done!)
The weekend's here, tell you what I'm gonna do!! (Ooohh, what Girl?)
Shop for some styles. (OK) Amari shoes (UM!) a  Domenique Dress-
I think in something blue. (You in a good mode!)
Yes, I'm feeling good, But I'm thinking of you when I didn't think I would!
Oh, why are you messing with my mind?  
Why do I think about you all the time?
Back home alone (time to chill!), unplugged the phone. 
Watching TV (Netflix here I come!!) No one just me.
I thought I heard the bell, (who could that be?) I walk the floor.
Open the door-What the Heah! There's no one there!
Oh, why are you messing with my mind?
Why do I think about you all the time?
I go and sit back down, back to my TV.
Grab the remote and I turn to channel 3.
Nothing interest me so I turn to channel 4.
Then back to 3 and I see your face, Oh, no!! (What the snap?)
It's starring straight at me.  How can this be?
This is so crazy! What else can it be?
I don't imbibe-well, not usually. (I need a drink)
But I yell What theHeah?  and I pour some Hennessy.

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