Where Did We Go Wrong



The agonizing feeling that comes from being in a Romeo and Juliette kind of love story that too ends, only to a different fate; over, done with for good-Never to be again. Yet, Still, your heart is asking what happened because it doesn't want to let go.


The first time my eyes, beheld your handsome face.  I just had to meet you.  I was happy to be in that place.

And then when you held me.  You held me oh so tight.  Then I knew I was in love, and it just had to be right.

I thought our love was deep, like Romeo and Juliette.  But now you're gone away.  My dear one how could you forget?

Our first kiss don't you remember?  Both our hearts skipped three beats.  Your mind flew to the stars and I was lifted off my feet.

So where did we go wrong?  Tell me!  My heart it has to know.  This heart it won't stop crying, for it misses you so. 


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